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If you are interested, please contact me via comments, notes or e-mail (

Portrait (photomanipulanion or painting) - 80$ 
Oriental sunset + Video by Nikulina-Helena

Bloody Bride + Video by Nikulina-Helena  Spirit of Asia + Video by Nikulina-Helena  Arwen`s Fate by Nikulina-Helena  Sleeping Mermaid (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena  Flower Fairy (Comission) by Nikulina-Helena  Vision by Nikulina-Helena   Beautiful Monster by Nikulina-Helena   Silmarils of Feanor by Nikulina-Helena

Half-body - 100$ (photomanipulanion or painting) (+50$ for background)
+100$ for additional character
Guide of Souls + Video by Nikulina-Helena

Queen of the Night by Nikulina-Helena   Lights of the City by Nikulina-Helena   Dark Witch + Video by Nikulina-Helena   Sunset by Nikulina-Helena   Countess Bathory + Video by Nikulina-Helena   The Awakening by Nikulina-Helena   Dia de los Muertos by Nikulina-Helena   The light in the darkness by Nikulina-Helena   Smoke Noire by Nikulina-Helena   PINK by Nikulina-Helena

Full-body - 150$ (photomanipulanion or painting) (+50$ for background)
+100$ for additional character
Prince of Persia by Nikulina-Helena

The Last Battle by Nikulina-Helena  Madness Returns by Nikulina-Helena  Goodbye... (RIP Alan Rickman) by Nikulina-Helena  Ho Ho Ho! by Nikulina-Helena  Halloween 2015 by Nikulina-Helena
Duke (Concept art) by Nikulina-Helena  Morag Tong Assassin by Nikulina-Helena  Ghost Sonata by Nikulina-Helena  What`s Yours Is Mine by Nikulina-Helena   Glow in the Dark by Nikulina-Helena   Inseparable friends by Nikulina-Helena

Landscape (nature, cityes, castles, interior...) - 100-250$, 
price is discussable and depends on the complexity.

The Thing... by Nikulina-Helena

Western Air Temple by Nikulina-Helena  The Storm Begins by Nikulina-Helena  Molag Amur by Nikulina-Helena

Complex Illustration - starts at 300$+, price is discussable and depends on the complexity.

Animals, monsters, inanimate objects, still life... - 30-150$
price is discussable and depends on the complexity. 

Still life - Gandalf by Nikulina-Helena

Cats Dream by Nikulina-Helena 

Retouching, restoration, concept, etc. - individually in each case.

All prices are for non-commercial and personal pictures. 
I do NOT draw: offensive things (such as homophobic, racistic, etc).

I accept payment via PayPal.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask.

I'll post your username in picture description. If you don't want me to do it, or maybe want me to add some information about character/link on particular deviation - just tell me, I'll do it.

PS: the fan-arts (including the handling of cosplay) - the discount is possible...if I like the fandom).:)
PPS: Time to time I can make discounts or special offersFollow the news.

jmardesigns Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You need to charge people more. Your work is incredible. Don't undersell yourself. 
Nikulina-Helena Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That's right. Thank you!
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